Research Trends
Research and development center of magnetic measurement technology
Research and development center of magnetic measurement technology: the main task of the Magnetic Measurement Technology R&D Center is to research and develop magnetic field measurement technologies in different space environments, especially the space magnetic field precision measurement technology and key magnetic compensation technologies for non-magnetron satellites, and to develop correspo...
Quantum laser radar intelligent ecological environment application demonstration center
Relying on the key technology research project of single photon atmospheric radar, which is a major project of quantum science and engineering in Guangdong Province.Quantum laser radar intelligent ecological environment application demonstration centerJoint construction units: Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), University of Science and Technology of China, etc.overall objective:Accura...
Digital Space Joint Research Center (DSJRC)
The advisory committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences approved the establishment of the ‘Digital Space Strategy Research’ (DSJRC) consulting project in July 2016, and the project was completed in December 2019. In order to further promote the “landing” of the major scientific and technical project proposal of the national "building digital space, building space brain" , Harbin Institute...
Digital Space Weather Forecast Research Center
Supported by the Meridian Project (Second Phase), National Natural Science Foundation and grants for talents from the Shenzhen government. Objects:l Build the world's first space weather digital forecast research center through domestic and global cooperations. l Playing a leading role in areas of observational data-driven forecast modeling, space weather forecast core technology, and space wea...
Southern Aerospace "Binocular" Observation and Research Center
ObservationNeutral atmosphereIonospherePurposeServe ecological and environmental protection, communication navigation;Aerospace, energy transportation and other fieldsFocusLower atmospheric environment monitor (aerosol, water vapor, haze, pollutants, etc.)Radio system support in space weather (communication, navigation, positioning, satellite-to-ground link)Space weather warning and forecastin...
National science research training program
Based on Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) as a joint construction unit of the approved national science and technology cultivation program "three level multi sphere interaction and its impact on the earth system"
Space Navigation and Remote Sensing Communication R&D Center
Space Navigation and Remote Sensing Communication R&D CenterGoal: Build a first-class satellite navigation and remote sensing communication technology research and development application center at home and abroad.Advantagea. The software and hardware integrated technical service capabilities. b. All kinds of emergency services based on global satellite and GaoFen remote sensing data with 50 ye...
This is a thinking "center"
This is a thinking "center
[2017-10-31]New progress has been made in the study of coronal loop fluctuations-standing waves in semi-open corona loops
New progress has been made in the study of coronal loop Oscillations-standing waves in semi-open coronal loopsThe upper atmosphere of the sun is composed of a magnetic field and a thin plasma. The magnetic pressure of the magnetic field is dozens to thousands of times the plasma pressure. The large-scale coronal magnetic field is mainly divided into a closed coronal loop and a semi-open magneti...
[2017-11-17]Version2 Numerical reconstruction of large-scale current sheet structure in front of solar flares
Numerical reconstruction of large-scale pre-flare electric current sheet in the Sun’s coronaThe solar dynamo continuously generates electric currents and magnetic fields to provide energy for various activities in the solar atmosphere, such as coronal heating, solar flares, and coronal mass ejection (CME). In the solar corona, the electric current usually exhibits two different forms; one is a...
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