Research Trends
Digital Space Weather Forecast Research Center
发布时间:2020年11月09日 16:26

Supported by the Meridian Project (Second Phase), National Natural Science Foundation and grants for talents from the Shenzhen government.


l Build the world's first space weather digital forecast research center through domestic and global cooperations.

l Playing a leading role in areas of observational data-driven forecast modeling, space weather forecast core technology, and space weather application of modern information processing technologies.

l Preliminary establishment of the digital description of the solar eruption events in terms of the overall process of their propagation, evolution and dissipation.


1. Multi-layer Numerical Forecast Model

Technology applied: Data-driven; Data Assimilation; Artificial Intelligence; Risk Assessment; "Research-Operation" Interaction.

2. Test Platform for Coupled Forecast Operation

l Integration of high-performance computation and big-data technology;

l Integration of data processing and data-driven modeling;

l Integration of modeling research and operation experiment.