Planetary Science

Laboratory of Planetary Science

1. Planetary Science

        Nowadays, planetary Science is a hot point and frontier of space science. It is the scientific study of planets (including Earth), moons, and planetary systems (in particular those of the Solar System) and the processes that form them. Planetary science aims to satisfy human's desire for exploration, knowledge, the extension of our possibility in the future. The method originally from earth science can be used to study the moon, Mars, Venus, and other planets, which can help us to gain knowledge of the Solar System and renew our understanding of the processes in the terrestrial system.  

        Planetary science has broken through the limitation of ground-based observation in astronomy. With the in-situ observations of spacecraft and manned exploration by astronauts, planetary science can solve the problem of the origin, change, and evolution of planets and their system. Therefore, planetary science is based on planetary exploration. At present, the United States, Russia (the Soviet Union), and Europe have successfully carried out many planetary explorations. Japan and India have also successfully carried out their planetary exploration projects, and China's Mars exploration project ‘Tianwen -1’has also started. With the launch of a series of planetary exploration projects, China's planetary exploration is with a good opportunity for development, but also facing new challenges.

2. Research Area

Planetary Physics;Planetary Exploration; Magnetospheric Physics; Magnetic measurement Technique.