Space Plasma Physics

Introduction to the laboratory

The universe is made of up of space plasma. Beyond the Earth’s lower atmosphere, space plasma is found in the ionosphere, in the Earth’s magnetosphere, in the heliosphere, and even in the interstellar space, nebulae, and star cluster. Space plasma physics is one of the frontier fields of space science. The study of space plasma physics is the theoretical basis for humans to understand various phenomena in the universe. Understanding the law of motion of space plasma under various conditions is important for us to correctly understand the energy output of the Sun, the evolutions and transmissions of interplanetary space structures, the interactions between solar wind and the magnetosphere, and the energy redistribution in the magnetosphere and ionosphere.

Research fields

(1) Magnetic reconnection

(2) Shock wave and particle acceleration

(3) Space plasma turbulence

(4) Space plasma wave activities

(5) Space plasma instabilities

(6) Multi-scale coupling in space plasma

Development Goals

The laboratory will focus on the frontier issues of basic plasma physics in space, nurture and train first-class talents, focus on theoretical innovation and conceptual innovation, strive to make important breakthroughs in the research of physical processes such as multi-scale nonlinear processes, try to provide theoretical guidance and innovative ideas for economic and social development to make the research serves many aspects in economy and security, including aerospace, communications, navigation, military security, etc.