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Digital Space Joint Research Center (DSJRC)
发布时间:2020年11月09日 16:31

The advisory committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences approved the establishment of the ‘Digital Space Strategy Research’ (DSJRC) consulting project in July 2016, and the project was completed in December 2019. In order to further promote the “landing” of the major scientific and technical project proposal of the national "building digital space, building space brain" , Harbin Institute of Technology, as the consulting project supporting institution, set up the “Digital Space Joint Research Center", taking the lead in opening up a new height of Digital Space Science and technology strategy in the world, establishing a space soft power system with digital space brain, and providing services for human access to the space, utilization of the space, development and space exploration of the space.

[Organization] On the basis of the experts from the Digital Space Strategy Research consulting project, the DSJRC was established by the representatives of experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, the Colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education, the China Meteorological Administration, military, civilian and other relevant institutes. As the supporting institute, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) is responsible for promoting the construction and development of new concepts, new projects and new industries of ‘digital space’ and ‘space brain’ in China.

[Director] Academician Wei Fengsi and academician Han Jiecai