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Graduate Student Union of Institute of Space Science and Applied Technology

        The graduate student union of the Institute of Space Science and Applied Technology (hereinafter referred to as the ISSAT) was established in October 2020. It is the first student organization established under the leadership of the academy and under the guidance of the Party Branch directly of the ISSAT. The graduate student union takes "serving students" as its tenet and "unity, dedication, pragmatism and innovation" as its guiding principle to create a better campus cultural atmosphere, enrich students' after-school life, safeguard their rights and interests, and build a bridge between students and schools. Since its establishment, the graduate association of the college has been actively, independently and responsibly carrying out student work, such as holding academic exchange activities - mutual help and mutual learning groups, which has played a positive role in promoting the communication among graduate students, between graduate students and schools, and between graduate students and society.

        The presidium is the core of the leadership of the student union of the ISSAT, which generally includes a chairman, two vice presidents and several department heads. Considering that the number of students in our college is about 50, there are only three posts: chairman, vice chairman and external relations department of the graduate student union (this can be concurrently held by the presidium members). Under the leadership of the Party Branch Committee, the graduate association adopts the principle of the chairman's decision making and implementation, the vice chairmen take charge of the responsibility and the minister responsible for the specific completion. The affairs of the Graduate Union are planned by the chairman, in charge of the vice chairman, and implemented by the minister, with conducting under the guidance of the Party Branch committee through the whole process.

Department Responsibilities:

Presidium: fully responsible for the work of the student union.

1. The president presides over the work of the student union, conveys the instructions of the college and the school, and regularly reports on the work.

2. The vice chairman assisted the chairman in his overall work. In the absence of the chairman, the vice chairman acts as chairman.

3. The presidium presided over and held student meetings, studied and arranged the work, and supervised the implementation of the work of various functional departments.

4. Go deep into the students to understand the situation, find problems, and timely organize research and solve them.

5. Coordinate the relationship between the departments, promote the cooperation between the departments, and make the work go smoothly.

Liaison Department: it is mainly responsible for the contact with other departments and units other than the Institute Research Association

1. Connection of activity venues

2. Invitation and reception of guests

3. Connection and holding of inter school lectures or activities

4. Preparation of gifts for activities

5. Actively raise all kinds of sponsorship to promote the better development of the activities

Basic task:

1. Follow and implement the party's education policy, organize students to carry out learning, sports, social practice, volunteer service, innovation, entrepreneurship and excellence and other activities to promote the overall development of students.

2. Maintain the school discipline, advocate good style of study and school spirit, promote the unity between students and students, students and staff, and help the school to build a good teaching order and learning and living environment.

3. Organize students to carry out self-service activities beneficial to their growth and success, and help the school solve the practical problems encountered by students in their study and life.

4. Close the relationship between the school party and government and the majority of students, reflect the suggestions, opinions and requirements of students through various normal channels of the school, participate in the democratic management of school affairs involving students, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students.

5. Standardize the generation and allocation of student cadres, strengthen the awareness of the masses, responsibility and dedication of student cadres, and set an example for the majority of students with practical actions.