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Faculty recruitment
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1. Overview of the university

Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) is one of the first universities to enter the national "211 Project" and "985 Project". In 2017, it was selected into the list of "Double First Class" construction A-class universities. In the world’s leading academic rankings, HIT has outstanding performances. It ranked 2nd in China and 6th in the world in the U.S. News and World Report (USNEWS) World University Engineering Rankings in 2018; In the 2017 Academic Ranking of Universities (ARWU), it ranks 8th in China and top 200 in the world. At the same time, HIT is also one of the top universities in China that has one of (ESI)'s global subjects.

Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) is the result of collaborative effort of Harbin Institute of Technology and the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It is the first China Nine Schools Alliance (C9) member located in Shenzhen  enrolling undergraduate students, a national "985 Project" construction university and a "double First-class" construction college. The predecessor of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) was the Shenzhen Graduate School of Harbin Institute of Technology, which was founded in 2002. Now we sincerely invite outstanding talents in China and abroad to join us.

For more information, please refer to the school's official website (www.hitsz.edu.cn).

2. Overview of the Institute

The Institute of Space Science and Applied Technology (ISSAT) was established on June 20, 2017. As other colleges, it is an important part of the Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) campus. There are currently ten laboratories, namely the Space Weather Storm Laboratory, Planetary Science Laboratory, Space Plasma Physics Laboratory, Low-latitude Space Environmental Monitoring Laboratory, Near Space Exploration and Application Laboratory, Space Big Data Modeling Laboratory, Navigation and Remote Sensing Laboratory, Space Materials Laboratory, Digital Space Environment Military-civilian Integration laboratory. Based on the "Master + Team" model, the institute has attracted a group of internationally renowned faculties with strong teaching and research capabilities and a reasonable age echelon. There are currently 14 full-time faculties, 2 administrative staff, 4 part-time faculties, and 11 post-doctoral fellows. Among them are one academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, two oversea high-level talents, two national outstanding youths, and one national outstanding youth. In terms of teaching, the institute has undertaken lots of teaching tasks; in terms of scientific research, it has been building a cooperative platform to share scientific research. In terms of career development, based on the school’s current professional title (assistant professors, associate professors, professors), it actively strives for more suitable job titles, better salaries and more advanced scientific research conditions for outstanding talents.

For more information, please refer to the official website of the Institute of Space Science and Applied Technology. (Http://issat.hitsz.edu.cn/)

3. Recruitment

Job opening for following research area

Space physics, navigation, remote sensing, planetary science, plasma physics, space environment applications, space detection technology, big data modeling, radiation and life health, artificial intelligence, atmospheric lidar, etc.

Faculty position:

 Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor

(1)  Job responsibilities (different according to different rankings)

l As an academic leader, organize high-level teams, conduct cutting-edge research,  train and educate talented young generations;

l Or as an academic talent, carry out high-level research in a certain academic discipline.

l Teaching graduate-level classes.

(2)  Application requirements

obtained a doctorate degree or worked as a faculty in universities or institutes, can work full-time in Shenzhen city.

For details, please visit: http://www.hitsz.edu.cn/job/view/5.html

4. Various talent plans and policies

Guangdong Talent Program

(1) . "Special support plan for high-level talents"-outstanding talents:

In the annual review, the selected one will be given a one-time living allowance of 1.2 million yuan; priority is given to the national special support plan and the academicians of the two academies; the team can be formed independently, and the selected team will receive a maximum of 20 million yuan in funding.

(2). "Pearl River Team" plan:

l Introducing innovative and entrepreneurial teams: up to 100 million yuan in funding.

l Qualified team leaders and core members who have been identified as high-level talents in the "Pearl River Talent Program" will receive up to 3.5 million house purchase subsidies and a maximum of 1 million living subsidies per year from the provincial finance.

(3) . High-level talent recognition project:

A. Innovative leading talents and young top-notch talents will be given a living allowance at twice the actual salary. Those engaged in applied research and technological development can be subsidized for 5 consecutive years (approximately 1 million per year), and those engaged in basic research can be subsidized for 10 consecutive years (approximately 1 million/year).

B. Short-term work experts in Guangdong: no more than 250,000 (30-60 days in Guangdong), no more than 400,000 (61 days-180 days).

Shenzhen Talent Plan

(1) . "High level talents" accreditation project:

Class A: 3 million yuan of reward and subsidy; B: 2 million yuan; C: 1.6 million yuan. All qualified personnel can settle down. During their tenure of office, the talents enjoy the first, second and third level medical and health care treatment respectively. The special outpatient service of the city's top three hospitals provides foreign talent appointment and foreign language services.

(2). "High level team" support program:

Those who have growth potential but are not selected can receive up to $5 million.

(3). "Pengcheng scholars" project:

   Subsidy: 450000 yuan per year for distinguished professors and 50000 yuan per month for lecture professors.

(4) . Postdoctoral program:

The annual salary is about 230000 yuan (including 180000 yuan tax-free subsidy in Shenzhen); five insurances and one fund can be paid; Shenzhen talent apartment can be rented, or Shenzhen government rent housing subsidy can be enjoyed; settling in Shenzhen (spouse and children can move with them); Shenzhen municipal government can enjoy 300000 yuan (tax-free) scientific research subsidy for working in Shenzhen, which is in line with the recognition of high-level talents in Shenzhen City, and can get reward subsidies of about 1.6 million to 3 million yuan.

(5) . China Postdoctoral international exchange program:

A. Introduction project: funding excellent foreign (Overseas) and overseas doctoral students to China (returning) to engage in postdoctoral research. For two years, each person's annual supporting subsidy at all levels is no less than 300000 yuan, including personal living expenses, housing subsidies, international travel expenses, etc.

B. Project assignment: support excellent in-service postdoctoral researchers to carry out postdoctoral research in advantageous disciplines of excellent universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises at home and abroad for a period of 2 years. The funding is 300000 yuan per person, which is mainly used to cover the living expenses, housing subsidies, social insurance and round-trip travel expenses for the first year of postdoctoral research abroad.

C. Academic exchange program: support excellent postdoctoral researchers to carry out academic exchange activities abroad. The funding is 30000 yuan per person, which is mainly used for transportation, accommodation and conference expenses for academic exchange activities at home and abroad.

5. Talent treatment and services provided by the university

Our university provides teachers with domestic first-class salary and benefits (annual salary of 300-1.5 million), and enjoys five social insurances and one housing fund. According to the job level employed, our school provides corresponding strartup funding. Eligible people can purchase housing or rent apartments at a lower price provided for Shenzhen talent qualifiers. Qualified faculties are also encouraged to carry out industry-university-research transformation and enjoy scientific research performance rewards.

The department of the university has dedicated personnel responsible for the introduction of talents and talent services, to implement work and living conditions for all kinds of researchers at first time, so that new employees can live and work in peace and contentment, with a platform for research and assist in children education, such as preferentially enrollment in the city’s first-class kindergartens, elementary and high schools.

6. Contact

Recruitment Contact: Mrs. Cui

Contact number: +86-755-26611417

E-mail: cuilijun@hit.edu.cn

Recruitment official website: http://www.hitsz.edu.cn/job/id-37.html